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2014 NARC Callbacks

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Handled 51. FC Shooter’s Super Chief (Buddy), LM, Anne Marshall

LF: good mark

RF: sent for RR and missed it wide R, got deep and circled into the RF and retrieved it

RR: headed back to RF and was Handled to the bird

LR: went to holding blind and turned to get the bird


2014 NARC Catalog

2014 NARC
Running Order

1. Blackwater Chesbay Tanner (Tanner), CM, Tim Carrion
2. Joy Comes With The Morning (Joy), LF, Bobby Smith
3. FC Topbrass No Time To Paws SH (Flash), GM, Kaye Fuller
4. FC-AFC Oakdale Whitewater Devil Dog (Bam), LF, Sarah Love
5. AFC Shadowpines Chabasco (Storm), LM, Bob Byrum
6. FC-AFC Landover Goldendaze Yukon (Yukon), LM, Chuck Schweikert
7. FC-AFC Bob And Ed’s Excellent Adventure (Chef), LM, Ed Krueger
8. The Sunday Swimmer (Wyatt), GM, Jeffrey Bandel
9. FC-AFC Yakity’s Shake Rattle ‘N’ Roll (Comet), CF, Linda Harger
10. FC-AFC Hoot N Holler (Hoot), LM, Mark Medford
11. FC-AFC Coolwater’s Knockout (Punch), LM, Alexandra Washburn
12. FC-AFC Candlewood’s Skyrocket (Sky), LF, Tommy Parrish
13. FC-AFC Andi’s Black Magic (Andi), LF, Don Grenseman
14. FC-AFC Lake Countrys Cold Cash (Cash), LM, Alvin Hatcher
15. Fireweed’s Poison Ivy (Ivy), CF, Brett Crow
16. AFC Marshwind’s Black Magik (Kate), LF, Marion Carey
17. FC Dottie Ray’s League Of Her Own (Dottie), LF, Andrew Kahn
18. AFC Rockliffs Justdoit (Nike), LM, Paul Foster
19. FC Mulligan Off The Rainy “T” (Mully), LM, Randy Spangler
20. Parriette’s Abby Gale (Abby), LF, David Zalunardo
21. FC-AFC Un Petit Peu Canaille (Canaille), LF, Lee Jolley
22. Stoned Blue (Stoney), LM, Mike Crow
23. AFC Spirit Of Denali-Genet (Genet), LF, Bill Barstow
24. FC-AFC KPR’s Wet Willie (Willie), LM, Jim Pickering
25. AFC Fargo’s Texas Lexus (Lexie), LF, Wayne Stupka
26. AFC Cool Fuel (Nitro), LM, Chris Hatch
27. FC-AFC Windy City’s Mighty Mouse (Mickey), LM, Charles Hines
28. FC-AFC Dominator’s High Spade (Ace), LM, Mark Medford
29. FC-AFC Hockley Creek’s Big Hitter (Manny), LM, Robby Bickley
30. Atta Boy Blue (Blue), LM, Loren Morehouse
31. FC-AFC Ruff Rivers Oasis On The Plains (Colby), LF, N. P. Larson
32. Kickapoo’s Black Gold (Isaac), LM, Michael Enmon
33. FC-AFC Bayou Teche Eye On The Ball (Slider), LM, Lauren Hays
34. FC-AFC Pinehurst’s All That Jazz (Jazz), LF, Laura Parrott
35. AFC Biggun’s Wild Rose Warrior MH (Rosie), LF, Alice Woodyard
36. AFC RMR’s I Have A Dream (Marti), LF, Joel Harris
37. AFC Fishhook Megan (Meg), LF, Eloy Garcia, Jr.
38. FC-AFC Gunstock’s Topshelf Snap Decision (Snapper), LM, Charlie Hays
39. Barton Creeks Sharp Shooter (Blaser), LM, Tom Barrale
40. FC-AFC Calculated Risk (Chance), LM, Bruce Hall
41. FC-AFC Candlewood Goldendaze Maggie (Maggie), LF, Chuck Schweikert
42. FC-AFC Robbers’ Stray Bullet (Bullet), LM, Dan Hurst
43. FC-AFC Ragin Eye Of The Storm (Cane), LM, John Thomas
44. FC-AFC The Bear XVII (Yogi), LM, Louie Churack
45. FC-AFC Tequilla’s Hot Tamale (Mollie), LF, Mark Medford
46. FC AFC Son Of A Preacher Man (Billy Ray), LM, Duncan Christie
47. FC-AFC Valtor’s Hayseed Kid (Kid), LM, Breck Howard
48. Wetlands Maggie P.I. (Agge), LF, T J Lindbloom
49. FC-AFC Lubys And Whitewaters Pirate’s Jewel (Jewel), LF, Jeff Schuett
50. FC-AFC Candlewoods Life Is A Highway (Freeway), LM, John Stracka
51. FC Shooter’s Super Chief (Buddy), LM, Anne Marshall
52. FC-AFC Tucquan’s Ode To Sweetness JH (Payton), LM, Samantha Thompson
53. AFC Flyway’s Long Tall Sally (Sally), LF, Don Graves
54. Stoney Knolls Outlaw (Josie), LF, George Francis
55. FC-AFC Citori’s No Holds Barred (Free), LF, Michael Moore
56. FC-AFC Rebel Ridge Cosmic Rise ‘N Fall (Tide), LM, Lyn Yelton
57. AFC Brookdale Ebonstar Spice (Curry), LF, Judy Powers
58. FC-AFC Lil Chin Music (Lil), LF, Charlene Koeth
59. AFC Good Idea’s Second Wind (Vapor), LF, Ken Neil
60. FC-AFC Tru’s Little Cruiser (Cruise), LM, Paula Elmes
61. FC-AFC-CFC-CAFC Upon The Wings Of An Answered Prayer (Ammo), LF, William Petrovish
62. FC-AFC Seaside’s Kingfish (King), LM, Mark Medford
63. See Jane Run For Blue (Jane), LF, Tommy Parrish
64. FC Ebb Tide’s Ode To Irish Soul (Otis), LM, Kirk Lillebo
65. AFC Holland Cliffs Tropical Storm (Joe), LM, Alvin Hatcher
66. FC-AFC Suncrest Quinoa (Keno), LM, Arnold Erwin
67. AFC Midnight Shooter III (Shooter), LM, Pat Nicholls
68. NAFC-FC Dottie Ray’s Ivy League (Ivy), LF, Andrew Kahn
69. FC-AFC Nebo’s Grandma Ruby (Ruby), LF, Al Wilson
70. FC-AFC Tiger Mountain’s Hokulele (Hoke), LM, Don Bovers
71. FC-AFC Watermark’s BB Standing Ovation (Bravo), LM, Bob Hanssen
72. Merry Christmas VII (Missy), LF, Steve Graafstra
73. FC-AFC Ace On The River III (Ace), LM, Peter Ketola
74. McKinley First Ascender-Hudson (Hudson), LM, Bill Barstow
75. FC-AFC Candlewood Goldendaze Louie (Louie), LM, Chuck Schweikert
76. FC-AFC Bluenorth’s Rock Hard Ten MH (Ten), LM, Barb Radtke
77. Nightwinds Desert Deacon MH (Mel), LM, Alan Madsen
78. FC-AFC Tealcreek Patton’s Saber (Saber), LM, Chris Hatch
79. CAFC Jazztime Bluegoose’s Ruger (Ruger), LM, Anna Calvert
80. FC-AFC Fresh Squeezed Juice (Juice), LM, Mark Medford
81. FC-AFC Wolf Creek CR Skeeter (Skeeter), LM, Robby Bickley
82. FC-AFC Hardscrabbles Powder My Buns (Pow), LM, Benjy Griffith
83. FC-AFC Hilltop’s High Society (Gracie), LF, Sylvia McClure
84. FC-AFC Lanes Lets Get Ready To Rumble (Ali), LM, Bobby Lane
85. FC-AFC B Bumble (Stinger), LM, Fred Kampo
86. FC-AFC Great Bunns Of Fire (Jerry Lee), LF, Lynne DuBose
87. Lucyana’s Go Fargo (GoFar), LM, Laura Parrott
88. FC-AFC Aksarben’s Black Skyy (Skyy), LM, Alice Woodyard
89. FC-AFC Calumet’s Hot Texas Soup (Chili), LM, Mike Boley
90. FC-AFC Watermark’s Shadow Dancer (Dancer), LF, Yvonne Hayes
91. FC-AFC Go Margo (Margo), LF, Mel Milton
92. FC-AFC Keeno’s Gizmo (Gizmo), LM, Bruce Hall
93. FC-AFC Big Alfonse Capone Of Mo-Kan (Al), LM, Bob Hayden
94. FC-AFC Pattons Blazen Abby MH (Abby), LF, Dan Hurst
95. Snake Charmer III (Deacon), LM, David Colwell
96. AFC World Famous Emasculator-Shemale (Nora), LF, Louie Churack
97. FC-AFC Trulines Walla Walla Sweet (Pink), LF, Mark Medford
98. FC-AFC Texas Troubador (Tubb), LM, Martha Russell
99. Creole’s Loup-Garou MH (Spook), LF, Ida Richards
100. FC-AFC Indian Height’s Get Away (George), LM, Carl Ruffalo
101. FC-AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise (Holland), LM, Ed Aycock
102. FC-AFC Mercy Mercy Mercy Me (Mercy), LF, John Stracka
103. Elmingo’s Little Man (Zink), LM, Rett Sage
104. FC-AFC Punch Punch (Punch), LM, Chad O'Brien